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Asian Medical Institute

MBBS in Asian Medical Institute

Asian Medical Institute was established in the year 2004 and is located in the Kant, which is 20 kms. from Bishkek (Capital of Kyrgyzstan). The total MBBS fees in Asian Medical Institute is INR 15.60 Lacs for Indian students in 2022 session. This includes tuition fee, hostel, medical & misc. charges too. The process of MBBS admission in Asian requires minimal documents and can be easily completed online. The MBBS eligibility in Asian Medical Institute is 50% marks & NEET qualification.

ASMI (Kant) offers a one of the lowest MBBS fees in Kyrgyzstan for Indians who wish to pursue medical education abroad. Eligible students from India must apply before the last date of admissions. Currently, Asian Medical Institute is accepting applications for MBBS course in English medium in 2022/23 (September) session.

What is the total MBBS fees in Asian Medical Institute ?

The MBBS fees in Asian Medical Institute is 15.60 Lacs & 14.47 Lacs Indian Rupees for 5 & 6 years courses respectively. The detailed MBBS fees in Asian for 2022 (September Session) is given below :

5 Years Course

  • 1st Year : USD 5,600 / INR 4,20,000
  • 2nd-5th/Year : USD 3,800 / INR 2,85,000
  • Total Fees : USD 20,800 / INR 15,60,000

6 Years Course

  • 1st Year : USD 4,800 / INR 3,60,000
  • 2nd-6th/Year : USD 2,900 / INR 2,17,500
  • Total Fees : USD 19,300 / INR 14,47,500

* Yearly MBBS fees in Asian Medical Institute includes tuition fees, hostel & medical insurance.
* 1st year fees includes one-time admission & misc. charges (Medical checkup, visa extension & registration).
Indian mess facility available in Asian Medical Institute at a cost of USD 100-120 per month.
* Total MBBS fees in Indian Rupees has been prepared using calculations of 1 USD = 75 INR.

How to apply for MBBS admission in Asian Medical Institute ?

Indian students can apply for MBBS admission in Asian Medical Institute through a very simple step-by-step process as given below :

MBBS fees in Asian Medical Institute

  • Submit scans of 10th, 12th marksheets and NEET result.
  • University issues the admission letter on the basis of documents.
  • Submit scans of valid passport for issuance of invitation letter.
  • University issues an invitation letter for study visa of student.
  • Submit original marksheets, passport & few additional documents.
  • Passport is submitted to Kyrgyzstan Embassy (Delhi) for visa stamping.
  • We assist students in currency exchange & air ticket booking.
  • Student depart in batches from New Delhi to Kyrgyzstan (Chartered flights).
  • One of our representatives meets the student group at airport in Kyrgyzstan.
  • All formalities are completed by our representative in Asian Medical Institute.

* Eligible candidates can apply for MBBS admission in Asian online or visit any of our offices.

What is the MBBS eligibility in Asian Medical Institute ?

The MBBS eligibility in Asian Medical Institute for admission of Indian students is as below :

  • 50% Marks in PCB (In 12th/Inter/Equivalent)
  • NEET qualification (2020/2021/2022)
  • Minimum 17 years age (Till 31st December)

* MBBS eligibility in Asian Medical Institute is as per rules set by NMC (National Medical Commission) for Indian students.
* Seats are allotted on first-come-first-serve basis according to seat availability & MBBS eligibility in Asian Medical Institute.

What is the ranking of Asian Medical Institute ?

Ranking of Asian Medical InstituteAsian Medical Institute ranks among top 10 higher medical education institutions in Kyrgyzstan (According to average of most ranking platforms online). It is private institute that was established after year 2003, but the extremely low MBBS fees in Asian and it’s close location to Bishkek attracted huge number of Indians here. The institute is build in a well organized campus, where all departments and hostels are located very close to each other.

ASMI (Kant) was established in 2004 and is a merely an 18 years old medical institute of Kyrgyzstan. It is a much newer institute in comparison to other top medical universities of Kyrgyzstan like Osh, Jalalabad & Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. The institute has recently built a new campus as well with modern facilities to accommodate the increasing number of Indians. The institute currently has more than 1,000 Indian students studying course of general medicine in English medium.

Is Asian Medical Institute recognized by NMC/MCI & WHO ?

Asian Medical Institute (Kyrgyzstan) is recognized by NMC/MCI  & WHO. This clears 2 major doubts for all students as explained below :

  • Indian students who take MBBS admission in Asian Medical Institute can appear in the FMGE/NExT in India. After passing this test, they can work as a registered medical practitioner in India (Either in government & private sector).
  • Indian students in Asian can appear in post-graduation entrance exam of any country as Asian Medical Institute is included in the list of recognized/approved medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan published by WHO.

Documents Required

The documents required for MBBS in Asian Medical Institute (ASMI) are :

  • 10th & 12th/Inter Marksheet
  • NEET Qualification (2020/21/22)
  • Original Passport
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Passport Size Photos

Duration & Medium of Instruction

MBBS Admission in Asian Medical InstituteThe total duration of MBBS course in Asian Medical Institute is 5 years & 6 years for Indian students. Till 2021, the duration of MBBS in Asian was 5 years (Including Internship) as in neighboring countries. But after the NMC – 2021 update, the university now offers 5 years MBBS course, after which Indian students have to do 1 year internship in Kyrgyzstan as well.

However, Asian Medical Institute also offers the regular 6 years course including internship (Like in Russia, Ukraine & Azerbaijan). Most of the Indian students generally choose to study in the 5 years + 1 year internship, so as to save some expenses.

The medium of instruction in Asian Medical Institute for all foreign students is English. All the tests, exams & classes are conducted in English for Indians. In additional to the local Kyrgyz teachers that teach Indian students, there are many Indian teachers as well. These Indian teachers are especially appointed by the institute so as to prepare Indian students for the FMGE/NExT after MBBS from Asian.

Faculties in ASMI (Kant)

The faculties at Asian Medical Institute that are active currently and provide training to Kyrgyz & international students are :

Faculties in Asian, Kyrgyzstan

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Nursing Faculty
  • Preparatory/Language Faculty

The faculty of general medicine is the most active faculty and has maximum staff engaged in it’s management. Most of the Indians who apply for MBBS admission in Asian choose to study in faculty of general medicine.

Hostel Facilities in ASMI (Kant)

All hostels in Asian Medical Institute for Indians are located within the main institute campus area. A brief overview of the facilities at hostels is as below :

Indian Students in ASMI, Kyrgyzstan

  • Located within the main institute campus & Indian students attend classes at a walking distance from hostels.
  • New hostel has been built recently as well, so as to accommodate the increasing number of Indians.
  • Indian students only have to travel out of campus when they have to attend classes in hospitals from 3rd year onwards.
  • All the hostels has CCTV surveillance system & fire alarm safety system installed for the safety of foreigners.
  • Students can choose 2/3/4 seater rooms which have with study tables & chairs, beds, bed-sheets, wardrobe, lamps, etc.
  • They can also submit application to hostel administration, if they wish to the change their room or upgrade it.
  • Indian boys and girls are provided accommodation on separate floors or separate hostels with complete separation.
  • The hostels have facilities of kitchens, laundry, sports hall & reading hall within it’s premises on each floor.
  • It is compulsory to stay in hostel provided by university during the first year of their MBBS in Asian.
  • From 2nd year onwards, they can choose to rent a flat/apartment or continue to stay in college hostel.
  • Indian mess facility is available in all hostels of Asian Medical Institute where they can have breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • The Indian mess is compulsory for all students in 1st year & they can choose from vegetarian & non-vegetarian options available.
  • All Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi & Eid are also celebrated among Indian students with enthusiasm and joy every year in hostel.
  • Annual sports (Mostly Cricket) and cultural events are organized by Asian Medical Institute for Indian students every year.

Benefits of MBBS from Asian Medical Institute

Some of useful facts which might make it easier for a student to decide about studying MBBS in Asian Medical Institute are as below :

Study MBBS in ASMI, Kant

  • ASMI (Kant) ranks among top 10 higher medical institutions in whole of Kyrgyzstan.
  • It has recognition from NMC/MCI as well as WHO, so the MBBS degree from Asian is valid in whole world.
  • Being an 18 years old university of Kyrgyzstan, Asian Medical Institute still witnesses a very large number of admissions from India.
  • The university has been training Indian students in English medium since more than 10 years now.
  • The low MBBS fees in Asian & a close location to Bishkek (20 kms.) has made it one of the favorite destinations among Indian students.
  • The faculty of medicine at ASMI is highly experienced & skilled in training Indian students in field of medicine.
  • The total duration of MBBS in Asian is 5 years + 1 year internship, similar to that of neighboring countries.
  • Students get ample exposure to clinical & practical sessions by interacting with local patients in hospitals under doctor’s supervision.
  • The total MBBS fees in Asian Medical Institute is one of the lowest which any college offers for English medium medical course.
  • MBBS admission in Asian Medical Institute can be easily completed online with minimal documentation.
  • The MBBS eligibility in Asian for Indians is the same as required by other colleges and countries as per NMC rules.
  • Indian mess facility is available in all hostel premises so that students do not have to waste time in preparing food themselves.
  • By the time students complete their medical course, they have full command over foreign language too i.e. Kyrgyz/Russian.

About Asian Medical Institute

MBBS Fee in Asian Medical Institute Kyrgyzstan for IndiansThe ranking of Asian Medical Institute is among the top 10 medical institutions of Kyrgyzstan. Firstly, due to the huge increase in number of MBBS admissions from India and secondly, due to a new campus that has better infrastructure & facilities to accommodate Indian students. The institute has the sole motive of educating & training eligible students in the field of medicine.

ASMI, Kyrgyzstan is located in the outskirts of Bishkek city, which is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is named after S. Tentishev and and also known as S. Tentishev Memorial Asian Medical Institute. It is a private medical institution that functions under the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education & Science of Kyrgyzstan.

The institute has become one of the most popular medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan recently & attracts huge number of Indians every year for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. It has collaborations with renowned medical universities of Europe & several other countries for student exchange programs as well.

Kant City

Study in ASMI, KyrgyzstanKant is a city in the valley of Northern Kyrgyzstan and is the administrative center of Ysyk-Ata district (Earlier called Kant). The city was established in 1928. The city is also a industrial service center for whole region of Kant region & is situated 20 kms. from Bishkek (Capital of Kyrgyzstan). The name of this city is derived from the word “Kant” (In Kyrgyz language) which means “sugar” in English. It is named after a sugar plant that was established here in 1930.

Kant is also very well connected by road & rail to all major cities in Kyrgyzstan through Bishkek. Manas International Airport is located only 40 kms. from Asian Medical Institute. Bishkek is the most important education hub in Kyrgyzstan with several renowned medical universities & one of them is ASMI (S. Tentishev Asian Memorial Medical Institute).

The city of Kant is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in Kyrgyzstan which makes it ideal for education. Being located so close to capital of Kyrgyzstan, the students are able to visit Bishkek frequently during vacations & even on weekends. The city witnesses humid continental climate with long summers (From +25 to +33 degrees Celsius) and a comparatively shorter winter season (Ranging from +5 to -10 degrees Celsius).

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