Counseling & Guidance for MBBS Abroad Admission

Counseling & Guidance

Are you planning to study MBBS abroad ? We know it can be really confusing, time consuming & stressful especially when are about to invest such a huge amount for it. There are several questions that students generally come across while taking their MBBS admission abroad decision like Where should I study ? Will it be worth it ? How should I apply for it ? Where will I stay ? Are there other students from my state or country studying ?  and many such more questions. Well, if this seems to be you, then you have certainly have landed at the right & best place for counseling & guidance.

We take this very first step of abroad admission process most seriously as this is the foundation stone for your future. Mostly, students visit any of our offices & go through the whole process (which is explained below) and are quite confident after going through it in taking their further decision to study MBBS in Russia/MBBS in Kyrgyzstan/MBBS in Uzbekistan/MBBS in Kazakhstan/MBBS in Azerbaijan.

There are several things that are considered before suggesting the right medical university to them. But apart from the office visits, we also offer telephonic counseling to students who are interested to pursue medical education abroad. It is actually much easier than it sounds. All the guidance is either provided on phone call or internet call or a video chat. It has proved to be very successful in past few years with students being more inclined towards digital technology & internet usage. Complete guidance & documents check is done through emails, chats, etc. In such cases, the admission process can even be started without visiting our office.

Steps of counseling & guidance for MBBS abroad for Indian students has 3 main steps :

  • The first being eligibility check to ensure that he/she is eligible for admission.
  • Second being selection of country for which he fits in all aspects including eligibility & budget.
  • And the last being the choice of university according to students interest, academic background & financial strength.

Step 1 : Eligibility Check

Our highly experienced counselors take this step most seriously as it is the most important aspect for any career ahead. Each student’s academic record is thoroughly checked to ensure that it meets the minimum  requirements for admission in any university. It includes several key aspects like the high school percentage, inter percentage, regular schooling, age, NEET qualification, etc. It is not necessary for a student to produce his original documents at this point of time, as a proper color scan of his/her documents also is perfectly fine for application.

Step 2 : Country Selection

After it is confirmed that the student fulfills all requirements for MBBS admission abroad, comes the next step of country selection. To what we have seen till date, students have their own preferences already set in mind that where they want to head for admission. We provide all the relevant info about the people, culture, climate, demography, education, lifestyle so as to help you in your decision. Once they have made a decision about country, it is our responsibility to make them aware about all the pros and cons of that country with the help of which they can easily confirm country for studying MBBS abroad.

Step 3 : University Selection

With all the above mentioned countries already having dozens of renowned world class  government medical universities, it often becomes difficult for a student to choose one of them. With so many students already having passed out from all universities & hundreds of them currently studying in them, we are always able to provide the student an insight to every minor detail of each university. That includes it’s infrastructure, education standard, hostels, lifestyle, city, etc. With the help of all these facts & info, students are able to select a suitable medical university abroad during the counseling session.

As the rules of eligibility requirement in India & abroad universities are an ever changing thing, we make sure to always keep you updated about each & every minor detail of it. Over all, this counseling & guidance for MBBS abroad will be the first milestone for a great future of doctor that you have ahead of you !