Documents Translation to Foreign Languages

Documents Translation

Documents translation to foreign languages is an integral part of the documentation that must be fulfilled before application in any abroad medical universities. We, at Pacific Educational Consultants make sure that all the necessary documents of students (Academic certificates/mark-sheets, passport, etc.) are translated to the native language of the country for easy acceptance.

Documents translation (Marksheets/Certificates) to foreign languages is essentially required by all countries as they need to make sure that the student who is applying fulfills all the eligibility requirement. And apart from that, the details of passport need to be translated to confirm in advance what his/her initials and other identity related information (Address, Place of Birth, etc.) have to be written in their language after arrival to that country.

We provide documents translation services to all our students who apply for studying abroad. The charges of these are included in our admission charges and students do not have to pay anything additional for this. However, if anyone needs translation of documents to Russian/Belarussian/Ukrainian/Kazakh/Kyrgyz/Uzbeki, then they can contact us through our website and one of our professional translators would be happy to assist them.