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MBBS Fees in Azerbaijan

MBBS Fees in Azerbaijan for IndiansThe total MBBS fees in Azerbaijan is INR 28 Lacs for Indian students in 2023 session. This Azerbaijan fee structure includes the tuition fee, hostel, medical & other misc. expenses for whole 6 years of medical course (Including internship). The total course fees in Azerbaijan for Indian students is fixed in US Dollars, irrespective of varying exchange rate.

Indian students are also allowed to pay their MBBS fees in Azerbaijan semester wise. However, a fixed minimum amount must be paid initially in 1st semester after arrival. The number of universities in Azerbaijan might be less, but a good number of Indians still apply for MBBS in Azerbaijan due to the affordable MBBS fees & top notch global ranking of universities.

MBBS Fee Structure in Azerbaijan – 2023

The detailed MBBS fee structure in Azerbaijan for Indian students in US Dollars & Indian Rupees can be checked in the fee structure table given below. They can apply online in any of these universities, provided they are eligible and do so before the last date of application.

Name of University 1st Year Fees

INCLUDES : Tuition, Hostel & Misc.
2nd-6th / Year Fees

INCLUDES : Tuition & Hostel
Total Course Fees

INCLUDES : Tuition, Hostel & Misc.
Azerbaijan Medical University
(2023 – Winter Intake)
USD 7,900 / INR 5,92,500 USD 5,900 / INR 4,42,500 USD 37,400 / INR 28,05,000

* 1st year MBBS fees also includes visa extension, registration, medical insurance & other misc. charges.
* From 2nd year, MBBS fees in Azerbaijan includes tuition fee & hostel accommodation.
* Indian mess facility is available in all universities at USD 120 per month.
* MBBS fee structure in Azerbaijan is prepared using calculation of 1 USD = 75 INR.

Fees Payment in Azerbaijan

The payment of MBBS fees in Azerbaijan is commonly done through 2 methods which are given below :

Payment of Fees in Azerbaijan

  • Firstly, Indian students can make payment of their MBBS fees in US Dollars after arrival in Azerbaijan. In this case, students purchase US Dollars in India before departure and pay after arrival in Kyrgyzstan. This is the most widely used payment method and preferred by most of the Indians.
  • Secondly, they can also make payment of their fee directly from Indian bank to university’s bank account in Azerbaijan. However, this is only possible in some university’s which allow transfer of fees from India.
  • If any university allows alternate online payment methods (Online Payment Gateway/Card Payment/Wallet Payment) to pay MBBS fees in Azerbaijan, then we share the details of such process with students for easy transaction & settlement.

Average Cost of Living in Azerbaijan

The average cost of living in Azerbaijan is USD 100 per month for Indian students. This cost is far less than most of the countries in Europe & Asia.

Average Cost of Living in Azerbaijan

  • The average monthly cost of living in Azerbaijan includes food expenses (If preparing by their own), travelling within city and miscellaneous expenses.
  • This monthly cost does not include the Indian mess charges, which is compulsory in 1st year in few medical universities of Azerbaijan.
  • If any student decides to stay in flat/apartment (Other than university’s hostel) by himself/herself, then the monthly cost could be much higher.
  • The average cost of living in Azerbaijan entirely depends on the students’ personal lifestyle & their personal capacity to spend on various items.

MBBS Fees in Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan

The detailed MBBS fees structure in Azerbaijan Medical University (Azerbaijan) in US Dollars & Indian Rupees is provided below :

Azerbaijan Medical University (Azerbaijan) 1st Year Fee (US Dollars/Indian Rupees) 2nd-6th/Year Fee (US Dollars/Indian Rupees)
Tuition Fees USD 5,500 / INR 4,12,500 USD 5,500 / INR 4,12,500
Hostel Fees USD 400 / INR 30,000 USD 400 / INR 30,000
Documentation, Translation, Visa Extension, OTC (Registration & Admission) & Misc. Charges USD 2,000 / INR 1,50,000
TOTAL FEES USD 7,900 / INR 5,92,500 USD 5,900 / INR 4,42,500

Indian mess facility (Compulsory in 1st year) at additional USD 100-120/month.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is total MBBS fees in Azerbaijan for Indian students ?

The total MBBS fees in Azerbaijan is INR 28 Lacs for whole course.

Is hostel & medical insurance included in Azerbaijan fees ?

Yes. The hostel accommodation & medical insurance for whole 6 years is included in fee structure.

In which currency should MBBS fees be paid in Azerbaijan ?

Indian students are advised to carry their MBBS fees in US Dollars, and pay it after arrival in Azerbaijan.

Can fees be transferred from India to Azerbaijan online ?

Yes. Students make fees payment online to university (Or it’s authorized firm), before departure from India.

What is the average cost of living in Azerbaijan for Indians ?

The average cost of living is USD 100-120 per month, if they prepare food by themselves.

Any additional expenses other than MBBS fees in Azerbaijan ?

Students have to pay a processing charge in India for : application in university, admission letter, documentation, invitation letter, visa and other services (till their arrival in Azerbaijan).

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