MBBS in Abroad : Lowest Fees, Best Universities- 2023

MBBS in Abroad : Lowest Fees, Best Universities – 2023

Today, there are dozens of WHO/NMC recognized universities where Indian students can travel to study MBBS in abroad. But choosing the best university according to their preference & MBBS fees budget is not such an easy task. This is the place where we excel in guiding students by helping them take the decision that is right for them.

Which universities have lowest fees for MBBS in abroad ?

The universities with lowest fees for MBBS in abroad in 2023/24 are :

  • Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Russia) – Rs. 19.05 Lacs : ISMA is located in Izhevsk city & is a 90 years old medical academy with good number of Indian students studying currently. The main reasons of choosing Izhevsk for MBBS in abroad are low & affordable MBS course fees, superior education, English medium, comfortable & new hostels, Indian mess facility (Not compulsory) & a very low cost of living.
  • Bashkir State Medical University (Russia) – Rs. 19.50 Lacs : BSMU is located in Ufa (Russia) and a 91 years old university with a huge number of students from Indian sub continent. The main benefits of selecting Bashkir for MBBS in abroad are moderate fees and number of hostels to choose from, but some of them are costly & far from main campus as well.
  • Omsk State Medical University (Russia) – Rs. 15.75 Lacs : OSMU situated in Omsk city (Russian Federation) & is a 103 years old institution with not so many Indian students as it has recently started English medium course. The main advantage here is very low fees and newly built hostel for foreign students & a low cot of living as well.
  • Fergana Medical Institute (Uzbekistan) – Rs. 19.52 Lacs : FMIPH is located in Fergana in Uzbekistan & is not so old institute which was established in 1991. But it is gaining popularity rapidly due to it’s close location to India, low affordable fees, modern & new hostels with comfortable facilities & Indian mess facility (Compulsory in 1st year).

Which are the best universities for MBBS in abroad ?

The best universities for studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students in 2023/24 are :

  • Siberian State Medical University (Russia) – Rs. 22.15 Lacs : SSMU is the main academic hub of this entire region & ranks in top 5 higher institutions in Russia as well. It is located in Tomsk in Russia. The main benefits are top ranking, superior teaching with moderate fees, highly proficient English teachers & well managed hostels in campus.
  • Kazan State Medical University (Russia) – Rs. 26.70 Lacs : KSMU is a very old (Established in 1814) & one of the most renowned universities in Russia which is located in the 3rd largest city of Russia i.e. Kazan. The main advantages of choosing Kazan for MBBS in abroad are excellent education in a very moderate fees, modern city, huge number of Indian students & number of hostels to choose from.
  • Kazan Federal University (Russia) – Rs. 29.85 Lacs : KFU (Kazan) is one of the oldest (Established in 1804) and among the top 3 universities in entire Russian Federation. The main reasons of choosing are top notch ranking, vast college campus, hostels located within campus with many other facilities as well.
  • Tashkent Medical Academy (Uzbekistan) – Rs. 19.68 Lacs : TMA is one of the most popular academies located in capital of Uzbekistan i.e. Tashkent. The main benefits of MBBS here are good location, affordable fees, close location to India and a good number of Indian students.