Medical Universities in Uzbekistan for Indian Students

Medical Universities in Uzbekistan

Medical Universities in UzbekistanThere are 4 medical universities in Uzbekistan that provide medical education to foreign students. However, a couple of them witness the most number of admissions from India every year. All universities in Uzbekistan are government and none of them is private. These universities are well established and quite popular among Indian students. Some of these have recently introduced the English medium medical course for students. The universities are recognized & approved by WHO as well, so the medical degree awarded is valid globally.

Hundreds of Indian students travel to study MBBS in Uzbekistan from various states of India every year. One of the main reasons being Uzbekistan’s close location to India (2 hrs. 30 mins by flight). Secondly, the MBBS fees in Uzbekistan is one of the lowest and easily affordable by most families. As of now, more than 3,000 Indian students are pursuing medical education in various universities here.

The most popular medical universities of Uzbekistan, that majority of Indian students choose are shown below. Students can check the detailed information about each university (fees, eligibility, admission, recognition, faculties, classes, hostels, city & much more) by simply clicking on it’s name or image.

Tashkent Medical Academy (Uzbekistan)

Taskent Medical Academy

Tashkent Medical Academy Tashkent Medical Academy was established in 1919 and is located in Tashkent, which is the largest city, capital & economic hub of Uzbekistan. The total MBBS fees in Tashkent Medical Academy is INR 21.48 Lacs (Indian Rupees) for 2024 session. It offers the lowest MBBS fees in Uzbekistan…
Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health (Uzbekistan)

Fergana Medical Institute

Fergana Medical Institute Fergana Medical Institute was established in 1991 and is located in the city of Fergana (Situated in eastern region of Uzbekistan and very close to Kyrgyzstan border). The total MBBS fees in Fergana Medical Institute is 21.04 Lacs (Indian Rupees) for 2024 session. It offers one of…

Best Medical Universities in Uzbekistan for Indian Students

Best Medical Universities in Uzbekistan for Indian StudentsThe best medical universities in Uzbekistan for Indian students, based on medical education standards, English speaking faculty, affordable fees, hostel accommodation facilities, ease of travel, clinical exposure and various other factors are :

Government/Private Uzbekistan Medical Universities

Government Uzbekistan Medical UniversitiesMost of the medical universities in Uzbekistan are run solely by the government and very few of them are private. They function under the administration & supervision of Ministry of Health & Education of Uzbekistan. These government bodies ensure that the infrastructure demands are met on time & education standards (For both local Uzbek & Foreign students) are maintained.

The medical universities have highly experienced (English speaking) teaching faculty to train Indian students & other foreigners. Some of them have appointed Indian teachers to make it easy for Indian students to communicate with them. These few Uzbekistan universities also provide FMGE/NExT coaching classes to Indian students on a paid basis. With the help of which, many Indian students are able to clear qualifying exam in India easily in their first attempt itself.

Ranking of Uzbekistan Medical Universities

The rankings of the Uzbekistan medical universities according to some renowned ranking portals are shown in the below table. These are not final and are regularly updated from time to time.

Name of Medical University Estb. UniRank (Uzbekistan) Webometrics (Uzbekistan)
Fergana Medical Institute 1998 66 83
Tashkent Medical Academy 2005 21 13
Samarkand State Medical University 1930 1 33
Andijan State Medical Institute 1955 11 79

Choosing a Medical University in Uzbekistan

With most medical universities in Uzbekistan offering almost same course fee, it often becomes very difficult for Indian students to choose one of them so easily. A simple step-by-step approach (that has indeed helped a lot of students in past), which we suggest to all students is as below :

Choosing Best Medical University in Uzbekistan

  • First & foremost, students should decide the total budget that they can afford for whole medical education. This should include the total tuition fee, hostel, medical insurance, other charges & misc. expenses.
  • Secondly, they should shortlist the universities in Uzbekistan that fall in their budget. However, ranking should not be the sole criteria for finalizing a university, as many other important factors (Teaching Faculties, English Medium, Hostels, Indian Mess, Location, Climate) also play a very important role in popularity of a university.
  • Thirdly, they should discuss with a consultant, the plans that they have made for themselves. Because, consultants can provide more details about Uzbekistan medical universities and might help in getting a better one in same budget.
  • Fourthly, students should also plan personal expenses viz. monthly living expenses, self cooking/Indian mess, travelling & others. This would help them to have a rough estimate of the minimum amount that they would spend during entire course.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which are the best medical universities in Uzbekistan for Indians ?

The best medical universities in Uzbekistan for Indian students are Fergana Medical Institute & Tashkent Medical Academy.

Which are government & private Uzbekistan medical universities ?

All Uzbekistan medical universities are run solely by the government and there are no private medical universities.

Is ranking of medical universities in Uzbekistan better than India ?

Yes. The ranking of medical universities of Uzbekistan (Where Indians are currently studying) is far better than any Indian medical university/college.

How to choose a suitable medical university in Uzbekistan easily ?

Students should first analyze their budget for course, check ranking of Uzbekistan universities that fall in their budget, discuss with a consultant about it and finally decide a suitable one accordingly.