Ukraine Returned (Indian) Medical Students Transfer - 2023

Ukraine returned medical students transfer to other countries

With no end in sight to the current conflict between Russia & Ukraine, this article solely provides info about Ukraine returned medical students transfer to other countries in 2023. The Indian Embassy in several neighboring countries has already issued a formal document stating that the medical universities there are ready to accept Ukraine medical students transfer in 2023 for the upcoming sessions.

Where can Ukraine returned medical students take transfer in 2023 ?

Ukraine returned Indian medical students can go to several neighboring countries. Below is the list of countries (With some universities that are accepting transfers) that more or less have the same education pattern as in Ukraine & have huge number of Indian students as well.

  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia

* Transfers between countries will be valid as per NMC (Formerly MCI) rules & on the basis of exemption given to Ukraine returned medical students by NMC/Indian government.

Up to which year can Ukraine returned students take transfer to other countries ?

Due to the sudden disruption of medical education of so many Indian students (Approx. 18,000) in Ukraine, it has been notified by Indian Embassy in Moscow has clearly informed that medical universities can accept transfers up to 5th year (In 6 years course program) in Russia.

Other countries viz. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan  are also accepting a huge number of transfer cases up to 5th year (In 6 years program) and at some places up to 4th year (In the 5 years medical program). But most universities in all countries are accepting transfers from Ukraine in 6 years medical program.”

Can Ukraine returned medical students transfer to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan ?

Yes. Ukraine returned medical students can easily transfer to medical universities in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan in February 2023 session. The students will be provided transfer to 6 years medical program in all these countries. After the NMC update of 18th November 2021, MBBS course from abroad universities must include 4.5 years of course (54 months) + 1 year internship (12 months) of internship i.e. the course duration must be of minimum 5.5 years.

So, the medical degree from these countries will also be completed in 6 years only. Hence, Ukraine returned Indian students can apply for transfer to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan as well. Some universities earlier had 5 years MBBS course curriculum (Before NMC 2021 update), but those had been revised to 5.5 years by the end of 2021 so as to comply with latest NMC guidelines.

* This change in curriculum was made to make sure that the duration of MBBS course abroad remains valid and as per the guidelines of NMC (National Medical Commission).

Can Ukraine returned medical students transfer to Russia ?

Yes. A few universities in Russia accept transfer cases, so Russia is not the country that will accept lot of transfers from Ukraine.  The duration of course of MBBS in Russia is 6 years, which is just the same as that in Ukraine. The medical course pattern & hours required for each subject in Russia is much the same as that in Ukraine. But, Russian medical universities only accept transfer cases in September session. So there is no option for transfer to Russia in Winter session.

Which are the transfer choices for Ukraine returned medical students ?

The best medical universities that are easily accepting transfer of Ukraine returned medical students are as below :

What are the documents required from Ukraine returned Indians for transfer ?

The most important documents required for Ukraine returned medical student’s transfer to all other countries is the academic transcript. Because, it has the record of all subjects studied, exams/test passed & hours completed of each subject. This document is issued by the previous university where student was studying. It is the main document in deciding the year & semester which will be allotted to student in next university.

  • Academic Transcript
  • 10th & 12th Mark-sheet
  • Valid Passport

* With a limited number of seats for transfer cases in universities for each year, the students must not waste time and apply as soon as possible.
* Transfer to new university can be confirmed with scan copies of all above documents, and the originals can be provided at a later stage.

What should Ukraine returned Indians expect from NMC/Indian government ?

We (Pacific Educational Consultants) sincerely hope the NMC/Indian Government will find a relevant solution to save the future of these 18,000 Indian students. Providing one-time exemption (Even with some pending subjects) to Ukraine returned medical students for transfer to other countries may be the best choice here. A little bit of leniency in transfers for Ukraine returned students to other countries might help a lot of students. It will save a lot of time & money of students & parents as students will be able to complete their degrees.

We are saying so, because adjusting such a huge number of medical students in Indian medical colleges might create many curriculum related problems and for Indian students as well (Especially with so less medical seats in India).