Visa Services for MBBS Admission Abroad

Visa Services

Visa services (application & stamping) is an important step of admission process, as a visa is an entry pass of any person to enter a non-native country. There are several sorts of visa like student visa, business visa, tourist visa, etc. What we are getting done here is a student visa. This visa allows the student to be allowed entry in a non native country for the entire duration of his course of education. The sole purpose of this visa is to allow students to stay for longer periods continuously without any hassles in their study.

We, at Pacific Educational Consultants provide all visa services for studying MBBS abroad. Our high success rate in getting study visas stamped for selected countries has helped thousands of students in the past. We make sure to get visa stamped quickly & easily without any interviews or personal visits of student to embassy.

It may sometimes sound very strange to some, but the visa stamping for MBBS abroad education is the last & most critical milestone. It has to be completed before you are able to depart for your destination from Indian sub continent. If any objection is raised by the embassy, the whole process of visa application has to be done all over again.

Some countries just require proper documentation to be submitted as outlined by them. While some others even require a personal interview of the student in embassy before he/she is granted a visa. Sometimes, even the countries which generally provide visa without interview may ask some students to visit for an interview. We provide tips to students about the sort of questions that could be asked to them in embassy. This helps the students to be ready to answer those during the visa interview.

At Pacific Educational Consultants, our experienced staff is well trained and provides all visa services for Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Azerbaijan to Indian students. From the very beginning, we prepare all your documents in the format required by respective country’ embassy; get documents double checked; make sure that everything is in place; after which the visa application is submitted to embassy. Once the visa is stamped in their passport, we collect it from embassy & hand it over to the students at the time of their departure from Delhi.

In short, we provide all visa services under one roof and students just need to submit required documents. They can do so in any of our offices or can send us through courier too.