Apostille & Attestation of Education/Personal Documents

Apostille & Attestation

Apostille or Attestation of educational documents and personal documents is required when someone travels abroad for study/job/business purpose. Depending on the country a person is travelling to, either apostille or attestation of documents has to be done compulsorily. Apostille & Attestation confirm that the documents (academic/personal) of the person have been checked & verified by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and are valid for acceptance abroad.

Apostille Services

Documents apostille is required in all member countries of the Hague Convention. This Hague convection currently has 91 members and any document that has apostille seal from any of the member countries is valid in 120 member countries of the Hague Convention. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) does not accept documents directly from any applicant or individual. Documents for apostille have to be submitted only through outsourced agencies to the MEA in India.

We, Pacific Educational Consultants have provided documents apostille services to more than 3,000 applicants till date (Educational documents mostly & few personal documents as well). We are always happy to assist people who need documents apostille services in India for travelling abroad whether for education/job/business purpose.

Attestation Services

Documents attestation is required when travelling to a country that is not a member country of the Hague Convention. It may be required for educational, personal or commercial documents as well. Attestation sometimes require verification from more than one departments to confirm the validity/authenticity of the documents. When a person travels abroad for any of the above purpose, their documents attestation may require verifications from Notary, MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and the respective embassy of the country in India as well.

At Pacific Educational Consultants, we have assisted more than 1,100 applicants in documents attestation till date. We are always glad to assist applicants/individuals who need reliable & quick documents legalization/attestation in India of educational/personal/commercial documents. As the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) does not accept documents from individual/applicants directly, they have to be submitted through an outsourced agency to get it done.