Importance of NEET to Study MBBS Abroad

Importance of NEET to Study MBBS Abroad

Most of the students who appear in NEET exam understand the importance of NEET to study MBBS abroad apart from the already established fact that NEET is the key entrance exam to get MBBS admission in India as well. Students are well aware of the fact that the best rank holders are allotted MBBS seats in government medical seats and thereafter in private colleges. But, we are here to discuss the importance of NEET to study MBBS abroad.

Why is NEET compulsory to study MBBS abroad (In addition to 50% marks in PCB) ? 

Few years ago, NMC had made NEET qualification mandatory for any student who wants to purse medical education from another country. So, this brings up to the first and most important conclusion that “NEET is important to study MBBS abroad because now it’s a part of eligibility requirement to study MBBS abroad (Just like 50% marks in 12th or 17 years of age)”. Most of the reputed universities universities abroad do not accept Indian students in MBBS course without NEET qualification currently due to the above reason. However, if any student still gets admission to any medical college abroad, then he/she would be considered ineligible according to NMC.

What if a student joins medical college abroad without NEET qualification ? 

There have been numerous cases in the past where students decided to take MBBS admission abroad even when they had not qualified NEET. Such decisions were mostly taken by students who had already decided that they did not wish to practice medicine in India after MBBS course from abroad. So, this clears the 2nd reason to why NEET is important to study MBBS abroad i.e. “Students who pursue medical education from abroad countries without qualifying NEET will NOT be able to appear in FMGE/NEXT and henceforth, will not be able to practice in India”.

Indian students who want to study from abroad because they have plans to work/settle in that country can still find some universities that are ready to accept them without NEET qualification. But in such cases, students have to provide a very clear declaration/affidavit in India stating that they are well aware of each and every rule of NMC and it’s consequences in future.