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Best MBBS Abroad Consultant in Lucknow for Admission Abroad

With the number of students choosing to study MBBS abroad increasing every year (Especially from Lucknow & nearby regions), it our responsibility to inform new aspiring students on how to choose a reliable & one of the best MBBS abroad consultant in Lucknow. Most of the students are well aware of the criteria required for MBBS admission abroad, but there many students who are not at all aware of the opportunity they have in other countries like Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and many more after qualifying NEET by staying in the 50th percentile.

Students generally just have one perception i.e. either they will get admission in any government medical college in India or will prepare for NEET again until they clear it. And once they cross a certain age, they might simultaneously opt for some B.Sc. or other course, so as to justify themselves that the time that they spent in preparing for NEET was not completely wasted. But these secondary courses done while preparing for NEET barely hold any value in comparison to what they were preparing for i.e. MBBS/Doctor.

Top MBBS Abroad Consultant in Lucknow

What makes us the top MBBS Abroad Consultant Firm in Lucknow ?

Having been thanked by hundreds of students post their admission process, course completion & MCI/NMC Screening Test/ FMGE clearance, we can tell what makes the best MBBS abroad consultant in Lucknow for admission in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.

  • No fake/false promises regarding any financial terms or services provided (Either in India or after arrival at destination)
  • Students are only offered those medical universities where he/she is eligible as per the university requirements and his/her marks.
  • We ensure that full details about the university, it’s past record, number of students enrolled and many more things are clearly explained to each student so as to make it easier for them to make a choice.
  • Undertaking the full responsibility of all documentation as per the rules of concerned university, MCI/NMC, visa regulations, etc. till departure from India.
  • We guide the students for their loan documentation, scholarships (If any) & currency exchange too (So that they receive genuine currency denominations as the fraud in currency exchange has increased immensely in past few years)
  • One of our representatives always travels with our group of students so as to guide them during their journey as most of the students travel abroad for the 1st time.
  • Our abroad offices undertake the full responsibility of receiving the students at airport and getting every formality completed successfully till his/her classes begin.
  • With our permanent offices in abroad countries, students can get in touch us anytime during his/her entire tenure of education for any sort of issue they face.

MBBS Abroad Consultant in Lucknow

How to shortlist the best MBBS Abroad Consultant in Lucknow ?

With so many MBBS abroad consultants in Lucknow present currently, it may become really difficult for students to choose the best among them which offers all necessary services and at genuine rates. While there already are many established MBBS abroad consultants in Lucknow, there are numerous of those agents too that have no presence in destination countries at all; and all they do is promise everything that a students asks for during his counseling and this results in issues at a later stage. Because such agents rarely present any actual facts (Due to lack of knowledge) to students. It is the responsibility of students to make sure that the person/firm/agent/company they approach has a good & clear record in sending students abroad and has an established base in destination too for services required later after arrival.

And one of the most important things that we would like to inform students is to stay away from students who are studying abroad and offer to get their admission procedure done. The reason for it is that these students present the facts in such a way that the new students easily get trapped thinking that they have to pay less.

Important : But as a matter of fact, none of the medical universities abroad has ever appointed any of it’s students (During their tenure of education) to work as a recruiting firm for it. And additionally, these students themselves work under the umbrella of other main firms (That are officially recruited by university) so as to earn some extra money. These students may complete their courses soon within few years leaving you with no choice than to establish a new contract with some other established firm (Recruited by university) in the mid of course.

MBBS Abroad Consultants in Lucknow

Points to remember while choosing MBBS Abroad Consultant in Lucknow :

  • Make sure that you visit the NMC website to check whether the medical university that you have chosen is included in it’s list at the time of your admission.
  • Always demand an admission letter issued officially by university and not the one issued on firm’s letter head (As the firm’s admission letter does not guarantee your admission)
  • This letter can be sent to medical university too through email directly to inquire whether it has been issued by originally by university or not; because now a days there are numerous agencies that provide fake letters generated in their offices.
  • Prepare a rough estimate of total fees to be paid by you in Indian Rupees (As per the current conversion rate of US Dollars) as this rate keeps fluctuating. This will let you have a better idea of what you have to pay in coming years and be prepared for it.
  • Have all services being provided to you confirmed clearly in India by the firm facilitating your admission, so that no surprises arise later in the name of documentation, apostle, nostrification, visa extension, hostel security amount, etc.
  • Students must also confirm other things like Indian mess, whether it is compulsory or not, it’s exact charges, payment in which currency, to be paid monthly or yearly, and all other miscellaneous expenses in 1st year that are compulsory, if any.
  • Last but not the least, no government/private medical university in Russia/Kyrgyzstan/Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan/Azerbaijan provides any discounted fees (In the name of one-time payment together for all 6 years).So, do not fall in this trap as nothing will be refunded if in case you are expelled or want to change your university (Due to reason whatsoever) during entire 6 years of MBBS course.

Best MBBS Abroad Consultant in Lucknow

With more than 15 years in service now, most of our Indian students have opted to study MBBS in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, & Azerbaijan in comparison to other countries. During this time we have has conducted successful counseling of hundreds of students from Lucknow, Kanpur, Sitapur, Allahabad/Prayagraj, Gorakhpur, Bareilly, etc. and nearby cities like Shahjahanpur, Basti, Siddharthnagar, Sant Kabir Nagar, Faizabad, Bahraich, Barabanki, Gonda, Hardoi, Kannauj, Raebareli, Varanasi, Fatehpur, Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Ballia, Deoria, Itwa, Balrampur, Lakhimpur, Kannauj, Farrukhabad, Etawah and many more. Lucknow office also serves huge number of students from the states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh & Uttarakhand every year due to it’s close proximity to these states as compared to Delhi office.

Services provided by our MBBS Abroad Consultancy in Lucknow :

We provide all below services that are required from the starting till the end (Until students start attending classes in university at destination)  :

  • Counseling & Guidance
  • Country & University Selection
  • Documentation in University
  • Admission Letter
  • Fees Structure
  • Apostille & Translation
  • Visa Application
  • Visa Stamping from Embassy
  • Currency Exchange
  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Receiving at Airport in Destination
  • Transportation from Airport to Hostel
  • University Contract (After Arrival)
  • Visa Extension (After Arrival)
  • Medical Checkup (After Arrival)

* For any other additional help, students can contact our abroad representative office in destination itself which is always there.

Students who are desirous of studying MBBS abroad in Russia/Kyrgyzstan/Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan/Azerbaijan and are looking for the best MBBS abroad consultancy in Lucknow, then they are already at the right place and just need to contact us or visit our office any day during working hours. We assure that you will have ease in taking your abroad decision after our counseling session. Our office in Lucknow is very easily reachable as it’s located on main street. After reaching Lucknow, they can either reach our office by public transport/private taxi/metro train, etc.

For any details about MBBS admission procedure/fees structure/eligibility requirement/transfer/anything else related to admission, students from Lucknow & nearby regions in UP (Uttar Pradesh), Bihar, MP (Madhya Pradesh) can contact us on the co-ordinates (Mobile & Email) mentioned on our website or visit our office directly; and we will make sure that we get back to you as soon as possible.

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